these past few days have been hectic. i got home very tired and all i want to do is relax. but it's kinda enjoyable especially since i'm now understanding what i'm doing.

yesterday i'm kindly half-pissed off and amazed. i didn't expect there's a filipino who is not good in working or are lazy in working. i thought all are good and efficient. guess i was wrong.

i have a really handsome colleague. he had been in the company months ago. i know he's handsome but i don't pay attention to him that much. then 2 days ago, a whispering in my mind. so now i'm noticing him. i'm not sure if i'm starting to like him. and i also not sure if i want to like him.

Posted by frozen_eyes on August 30, 2013 at 08:30 PM | cheers!
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